CNC Machine Standards Code

CNC Machine Standards Code
CNC machines can only read the standard code which has been agreed by the industries that make the CNC machine. With the standard code, CNC machines manufacturers can use the PC as an input which produced solely or recommendation. Standard code on CNC machines, namely:
Function G
G00 rapid movement
Linear G01Interpolasi
Interpolari G02/G03 circular
G04 Time to remain silent.
Block G21 empty
Determination G24 radius of the absolute price programming
Technical G25/M17 sub program
G27 jump command
G33 Cutting screw with the rotation stays the same
G64 Motor asutan not have current
G65 cassette Services
G66 Service officers between RS 232
G73 drilling cycle to the termination of shavings
G78 threading cycle
G81 Drilling Cycle
G82 drilling cycle to remain silent.
G83 drilling cycle with withdrawal
G84 Cycle longitudinal turning lathe
G85 Cycle pereameran
G86 Cycle pengaluran
G88 Cycle transverse turning lathe
G89 Cycle pereameran to remain silent.
Programming G90 absolute price
G91 incremental price Pemrcgraman
G92 Registrar determination
Determination G94 asutan speed
Determination G95 asutan size
G110 Flow surface
Chronology G111 outside
G112 Flow in
G113 external threads
Screw in the G114
Surface rough G115
G116 Round rough
Function F
Stop-wired M00
The main axis of M03 clockwise
M05 main axis stops
M06 long Calculations chisel, chisel replacement
The starting point regulator M08
The starting point regulator M09
Ml7 command jumps back
The starting point regulator M22
The starting point regulator M23
The starting point regulator M26
M30 Program end
M99 circle parameters
Compensation M98 clearances / hilarious Automatic
Milling machine
Function G
G00 rapid movement
Interpolation G01 straight
Unidirectional interpolation G02 melinqkar iarum Hours
Interpolation G03 melinqkar anticlockwise
G04 tingqal silent duration.
Block G21 kosonq
G25 Memanqqil sub program
G27 Instruction jump
G40 remove the blade radius compensation
Addition of shunt radius G45
Reducing radius G46 knife
G47 Addition of two times the blade radius
G48 Penguranqan 2 times the blade radius
G64 Motor asutan without flow (function setting)
G65 Pelavanan magnetic tape (Function penyetetan)
Implementation of inter-G66 apparatus with RS 232
G72 Cycle pengefraisan bag
G73 Cycle fatal termination
G74 threading cycle (way left)
G81 drilling cycle remains
G82 Drilling Cycle with tinj remain silent
G83 drilling cycle remains with pembuangantatal
G84 Cycle penquliran
G85 Cycle fixed mereamer
G89 Cycle denqan tinqqal mereamer remain silent.
G90 Pemroqraman absolute value
G91 Pemroqraman incremental value
Penqqeseran G92 reference point
Function F
Silence M00
M03 spindle milling hidup.searahjarumjam
M05 spindle milling mat!
M06 shift tool, radius cutters entry
M17 Return to the main program
M08 exit Relations
M09 exit Relations
M20 exit Relations
M21 exit Relations
M22 exit Relations
M23 exit Relations
M26 Relations and out of impulse
M30 Program end
Compensation M98 hilarious / auto allowance
Parameters of M99 circular interpolation (in connection with G02/303)
Alarm mark
A00 One code G / F
A01 One radius/M99
A02 One nilaiZ
A03 The value of F
A04 The value of Z
There is no code M30 A05
There is no code M03 A06
A07 There is no sense
A08 tape to tape out the first storage
A09 Program not found
Cassette tape in securing A10
A11 One loading
A12 One checks
A13 Setting inch / mm with a memory management program
A14 The milling head position / addition of the road with LOAD ┴ / M or ┤ / M
A15 The value of Y.
A16 No value radius cutters
A17 One of the sub program
The road A18 cutters radius compensation is less than zero


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