lathe and its development history

Inception of the CNC machine (Computer Numerically Controlled) started from 1952 which was developed by John Pearseon from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on behalf of the United States Air Force. The project originally intended to make the complicated workpieces special. At first CNC machine tools requiring high cost and large volume control unit.

In 1973, CNC machines are still very expensive so it is still a few companies that have the courage to facilitate investment in this technology. From 1975, production of CNC machine began to grow rapidly. This development was spurred by the development of the microprocessor, so that the volume control unit can be more concise.

Nowadays the use of CNC machine is almost contained in all fields and majors. From the field of education and research that use such tools produce useful research results that did not feel has been widely used in people's daily life a lot less sophisticated and modern dikehidupan This strongly support the use of machine-making process so that the workpiece along with the progress of the age advancement of increasingly sophisticated machines that simplify the entire process

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