CNC Programming

CNC Programming - There are various types of CAM Software. You will need to purchase the appropriate type of your machine. For example, if you have a CNC Plasma Cutter, you may only need 2D version of CAM software. The torch will only move in the field of X and Y. That is if you have a torch height control.

What if you have a CNC Milling Machine with X and Y axis is supported by the stepper motor? You might just need to 2.5D CAM Software. That's because your parts will have depth.

What if you have a CNC Wood Router and carve out three-dimensional shape of the timber? Having three servo motors to control the X, Y and Z-axis. Yes, you need 3D CAM Software.

What if you want to mill or carve something into a cylinder of stock? You will need a 4 Axis CAM Software so the machine can rotate the cylinder, while 'all the other three Axis moves.

Here are the most common types of CAM Software


2.5D CAM


4 Axis CAM

5 Axis CAM

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