CNC Lathe machine

Turning is a process in which the chisel point parallel to the surface. This can be done manually or automatically, in the traditional form of lathe, which often require continuous oversight by the operator, or by using a computer controlled and automated. Type of machine tools is referred to as a computer numerical control, better known as a CNC. and is generally used with various types of machine tools other than lathes.

Turning can be either on the outside of the cylinder or on the inside (also known as boring) to produce components for a variety of tube geometry. Although now very rare, early lathe can even be used to generate a complex geometric figure or precision, even the platonic solids, although until the emergence of CNC's become unusual to use one for this purpose for the last three quarters of the twentieth century. It is said that the lathe is a machine that can reproduce only the tool itself.

Lathe over time will be more advanced in terms of added equipment and control as well as other supporting tools that support the accelerating phase construction process.
Dbalik sophistication cnc machine is still there to complement the weaknesses and deficiencies that we as operators should be able to overcome the shortage of skills and techniques with each - each.

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